Membership Plans

For those of you that spend more than $50 per month on your pets (most people), this membership will save you significant money over the course of the year


$8 / month

Parasite Prevention 20% Off

Marketplace Discount of 15%

Telehealth @20% Discount

Eligible for Group Insurance

Food Finder & Consults


$12 / month

Standard Plan Benefits


Market Discounts up to 40%

FREE Telehealth (Save $9/mo)

FREE Nutrition Expert Consult

Everything You Need for a Happy Healthy Pet

Online Marketplace Discounts up to 40%

- The tools to find the right foods

- Access to nutrition experts

- Savings of 25% or more

Parasite Prevention 25% off Vet Prices

- All parasite prevention needs

- Lowest price guaranteed

- Delivered direct to home

Insurance worth having

- Custom plan for healthy pets

- As little as $10 per month

- ZERO copay up to $5k limit

PLUS: Discounts on buying Food and Treats

(Save 25% on every purchase)

24/7 FREE Online Veterinarian

As a member, save big on vet bills with free access to our team of expert veterinarians and nutritionists provided by our friends at FirstVet

(Saves you $9 / mo)

Instantly Compare Foods

Use our Food Finder to compare 15,000 foods to find the hidden gems that offer amazing nutrition benefits at incredible prices.

Price Compare

See what your food costs you per month and compare with all other foods to find the best value

Nutrition Compare

See how your food ranks for nutritional goodness and find alternatives that give you more for less

Consult an Expert

Speak to one of our expert Nutritionist Veterinarians to help inform and guide your choices.

Members are Eligible for Insurance Deals

Accident Only cover for as little as $10 per month

Low Copays

Insurance pays up to 100% of the cost of any unexpected accidents or emergencies

Low to $0 deducibles

You don’t pay anything. Insurance covers you from the very 1st penny

High annual limits

Plans available ranging from $2k annual limit to plans with unlimited annual pay.

Membership Options

Everything You Need for a Happy Healthy Pet

Mobile Clinic Same Great Prices

- All parasite prevention needs

- Lowest price guaranteed

- Delivered direct to home

Free Wellness Package worth $90 per visit

- Nail trimming

- Anal gland expression

- Dental washes

- Ear cleaning

Free Unlimited Telehealth worth $100

- Search the market for best prices

- Policies as low as $10 /mo

- Accident only or Accident & Illness

PLUS: Discounts on buying Food and Treats

(Save 25% on every purchase)

24/7 FREE Unlimited Vet Helpline

Unlimited access to experienced vets whenever you need them.

Every pet owner has had a sudden medical scare. Instead of rushing to the urgent care, members can speak to a vet over video call within minutes.

Most medical scares can be resolved at home, saving big & unnecessary vet bills and providing real peace of mind.

(Saves you $100 per pet)

FREE Unlimited Wellness Services

As a member, get the essential wellness grooming services your furry family deserves, as often as you need.

(Saves you $90 EVERY TIME per pet)

Nail Trims

Anal Glands

Dental Wash

Ear Cleaning

FREE Annual Home Visit

We will come to your home for your annual visit to take care of your fur family (services are not free)

(Saves you $25)

Great Savings on Food, Treats and Dental Chews



Dental Chews

Visit our new nutrition petrx where we have created a special selection of the healthiest foods which you can now get at a great discount to retail prices

(Saves you 25% on every purchase)



per pet / year


$12.99 / month


$120 / year

Our NO Risk Guarantee

100% Membership Guarantee

Save 2x your membership or we will refund you and give you the membership for free

Lowest Price

Find product prices cheaper elsewhere and we will refund you the difference